Madonna falls over on stage

SEE VIDEO: Madonna adds to bad day by falling over on stage

December 15th will surely go down in Madonna’s diary as one of the worst days of her life  – not only did she agree to a landmark £50 million divorce payout, but she also managed to top that off by falling over on stage in front of thousands of people.
Sticky & Sweet tour, when she slipped and tumbled to the floor in a rather unladylike fashion after parading between two dancers in her trademark hotpants and knee-high socks.

But the move didn’t quite go as planned, and the 50-year-old not only hit the deck in an embarrassing fashion, but also managed to make it even more cringe-worthy by attempting to cover up the red-faced fall by turning it into a dance move.

Nice try, Madge, but better luck next time!


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