Madonna dumped by Jesus?

The couple have reportedly split up because of their huge age difference.

Madonna - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
Madonna - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
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The couple have reportedly split up because of their huge age difference.

The last we heard, Madonna was madly in love and desperate for a baby with her model boyfriend Jesus Luz.

But now it seems that there's little chance of this happening (and not just for biological reasons) because rumours are flying round that the couple have split up!


They haven't been pictured together for a couple of months and according to the Chicago Sun-Times they have been living separately for a while: 'It not only was totally amicable, but it was Luz who initiated the split,' writes columnist Bill Zwecker.

Both she and fashion model Luz reportedly blamed the 28-year age difference between them (Madonna is 51 and Luz is 23) and a lack of common interests for the split. Busy work schedules were also said to be a factor.

A source added, 'Madonna told me, "We've just run out of things to talk about. It's really pushing it for us to have common ground these days. We have Kabbalah, that's about it".'

The couple began dating after her eight-year marriage to director Guy Ritchie, 41, ended in divorce in October 2008.

This news comes just days after Jesus was pictured frolicking with three bikini-clad young women in Brazil.



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