EXCLUSIVE: Lupita Nyong'o Talks Star Wars, Bucket Lists & Being A Galactic Badass

Star Wars star, Oscar winner and fashion icon, Lupita Nyong’o, talks exclusively with Marie Claire about Star Wars, comedies and her bucket list for 2016.

Lupita Nyongo
Lupita Nyongo

Star Wars star, Oscar winner and fashion icon, Lupita Nyong’o, talks exclusively with Marie Claire about Star Wars, comedies and her bucket list for 2016.

There are many ways to describe Lupita Nyong’o: Oscar winner, fashion icon, beauty ambassador - but now we can add another title to her long list of names: Maz Kanata.

Starring in the Disney reboot of the hit space franchise, Lupita is another addition to the Star Wars universe alongside newcomers Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. Playing Maz Kanata, a rogue pirate who has a storied past with Harrison Ford’s Han Solo, Maz helps the rebellion and Rey and Finn on their newfound quest in a galaxy far, far away.

(Don’t worry: No spoilers here.)

With the first Star Wars released in 1977, sitting down to talk all things inter-galactic with Marie Claire this week, Lupita admitted that growing up in a world post-Star Wars, she's always been a bit of a 'Star Wars-ophile', adding that stepping on set with the franchise's much loved Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher was 'an honour'.

'I don't think even they knew 30 years later they'd be reprising their roles in this saga,' she said. 'And so for them to have that moment - which is sentimental no matter how you look at it - and for me to be present and be a part in it was really an honour.'

Lupita was also quick to point out that the new reboot – which features a number of high-profile and central female characters (note, Rey, Maz Kanata and Gwendolyn Christie’s Captain Phasma) this time around is 'better reflecting the time we live in'.

She continued: 'Women are a part and parcel and a very important part of society. They are in the foreground doing amazing things, they're both on the dark and the light side. And I think this film reflects that.' But Lupita does have a soft spot for the non-human characters of the series. On being asked who her who her favourite Star Wars character was, she instantly replied R2D2. But with BB-8, Star Wars: The Force Awakens new droid taking center stage, Lupita believes R2 has some competition.

Sorry R2.

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After winning an Oscar for her film debut in 12 Years A Slave, and becoming an ambassador for French cosmetics house Lancôme, Lupita also touched on her plans for the next stage of her already phenomenal career: comedies. And what’s more? She already has a film in mind…

Source: Quotesgram.com

Admitting that she’s a huge fan of Mike Myer’s Austin Powers, Lupita confessed that she would love to be a part of the series, and flex her comedic muscles.

Now THAT is something we want to see.

Lupita’s confession is just another notch on our Star Wars mania meter, as the Force has officially hit Marie Claire HQ. After months of trailers, theories about who the new generation were playing and red carpet fashion that wowed the world, we can officially say that Star Wars is back.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out now in the UK, and is a must-see for fans and newbies alike.

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Watch our exclusive interview with Lupita below…

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