Lindsay Lohan broke after squandering fortune

Lindsay Lohan broke after blowing $7 million fortune

Lindsay Lohan celebrates her 21st birthday
Lindsay Lohan celebrates her 21st birthday

Lindsay Lohan broke after blowing $7 million fortune

LINDSAY LOHAN IS reportedly broke after spending her $7 million fortune on a party-loving, luxury lifestyle.

Lindsay has just completed her third stint in rehab and is now allegedly so cash-low she's lodging at a friend's mansion and is unable to afford her own place.

Her hedonistic lifestyle has seen her blow £1 million on one hotel bill, thousands on her partying hard, $137,000 in rehab costs and thousands on legal fees after numerous drink-driving offences.

Films like Mean Girls and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen have earned the young star millions, but her live-fast attitude has seen it all squandered.

For most of last year, Lindsay lived at Hollywood's decadent Chateau Marmont hotel, spending $450,000 on a $1,200-a-night suite, as well as another $500,000 having chaffeurs on 24-hour standby.

On top of that she spent thousands on endless bottles of Cristal at $550 a pop until she was evicted for unpaid bills.

According to The Sun, her bank balance is so under-the-weather, she's had to sell both of her properties - a $2.85 million apartment in LA and a $1 million flat in New York - because she's been unable to keep up the huge mortgage payments.

Maybe her latest stint in rehab will provide her with a new and improved business brain, along with her new clean-living lifestyle.

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