Lily Allen and Piers Morgan’s bitter Twitter showdown

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  • Piers has trying to persuade the newly-engaged songstress to appear on his show, but she'll only agree if he donates money to stillbirth chairity, SANDS

    Yesterday, Piers Morgan took to Twitter in a bid to persuade Lily Allen to appear on his ITV Life Stories show. But the TV star has been turned down flat, after Lily said she’d only appear on the show for a million pound donation to charity, SANDS.


    The exchange also saw Lily open up for the first time about the tragic loss of her baby with painter and decorator fiancée Sam Cooper in November.

    Piers and Lily’s Twitter showdown began early yesterday, when Lily Tweeted: ‘Just been asked to do Piers Morgan live stories. Ummmmmmmm………………..’ before asking Piers how much they would offer her to appear on the show.

    Quick to reply, Piers wrote: ‘Do you mean how much do you have to pay me for this career-enhancing interview?’ before adding: ‘ps I also know that part of you thinks you can take me down on national TV. Good luck with that one little lady…’

    Lily Allen Piers Morgan - Lily Allen and Piers Morgan

    But Lily was having none of it, and hit back, revealing she would only appear on the show, if ITV donated money to charity. 

    ‘I don’t need to enhance my career piers, the only way I would justify coming on your show would be to give money to a charity,’ she wrote, ‘a charity that helps women to overcome the kind of grief that I have had to experience.’

    Adding that she would like the money to go to charity SANDS – a stillbirth and neonatal death charity, she said: ‘i’d do it for a million for SANDS. money, mouth??????????????????

    ‘Those are my terms. I’ve got no interest in coming on your show, you’ve been asking me for years.’

    Lily Allen Piers Morgan - Lily Allen and Piers Morgan

    But sadly Piers missed his chance. ‘A million what? If it’s Chilean pesos, we have a deal,’ he Tweeted, ‘ps @lilyroseallen I’m interviewing George Clooney about his campaigning work in the Sudan today. He doesn’t want a penny, just awareness.’

    Lily replied with simply: ‘No,’ ignoring Piers’ final Tweet, which read: Final word @lilyroseallen – I will get ITV to make substantial five figure donation to your charity for the interview. Think about it.’

    So it seems Lily won’t be appearing on the show after all.

    What are your thoughts on Piers’ and Lily’s Twitter exchange? Do you think ITV should donate the full amount to charity? Let us know in the comments box below.




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