Lady Gaga has just been offered this huge musical movie role

And we NEED to know everything.

Lady Gaga is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about women of 2019, with both her on and off screen roles in A Star Is Born propelling her into the spotlight over awards season.

Yes, Gaga along with her co-star Bradley Cooper not only raked in the nominations and wins for their acclaimed film, but they also achieved all the co-star goals, making their admiration for each other known.

From Bradley voicing his fears at singing live with such a talent as Gaga to the 33-year-old singer being turned into a meme for her ‘100 people in a room’ compliment about her co-star, these two clearly had a lot of time for each other, and Gaga’s involvement with the musical film was definitely a good call.

It’s hardly surprising therefore that the singer has reportedly been offered a role in the upcoming movie musical reboot, Little Shop of Horrors.

Yes, the cult classic 60s film-turned broadway musical is being remade, and yes, Gaga might well be at the lead.

Us Weekly sources confirmed that the singer was ‘offered a role’ by Warner brothers, and while Gaga’s response is not yet known, it definitely looks like a potential with the source continuing: ‘She’s very interested to keep acting’.

We officially cannot wait for this.

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