Could Bella Be Back? Kristen Stewart Is “Interested” In Making A New Twilight Film

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  • Krsiten Stewarts says she would be up for making another Twilight film...

    In what could possibly be the weirdest move ever Kristen Stewart has revealed that she would be interested in making another Twilight film. The 25-year-old actress who is currently on the promotional trail for her new film American Ultra and she said that she would consider coming back as Bella. “To be honest, I would be interested,” she said.

    Now let’s think about this now Kristen, is this really a good idea? See we loved the Twilight series as much as the next person but a lot has happened in the three years since the last film came out. Noteably Kristen and her co-star Robert Pattinson have broken up.

    See part of the beauty of these films was that Kristen and Rob, aka Bella and Edward, were dating in real life. But then they broke up (after she cheated on him with her Snowwhite and The Huntsman Director, Rupert Sanders, sob). Here’s why we don’t think a new film would be such a good idea after all…

    1.It would be super awkward 

    Look, we don’t care how mature and grown up they are about the situation it’s never going to be easy to film love scenes between a couple who broke up IRL.

    2.The imprinting thing would need to be addressed

    You know when werewolf Jacob imprinted on Bella and Edwards daughter, Renesmee, even though she was just a baby and it was all a bit weird…

    3.The cast are too old

    Hollywood make up artists can do great things but it was a push to believe Rob and Kristen were high school age the first time around.

    4.There’s nothing left to say

    The Jacob / Edward / Bella love triangle is fully resolved and neatly tied up and again, we do not want to know anything else about the imprinting…

    5.We can’t believe in love anymore

    We’re still not over the break up, ok?

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