Kim Kardashian’s App Earned How Much This Year?

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  • From reality star to app millionaire, Kim Kardashian's free app is making all the money...

    When not breaking the internet and tweeting to her 25.9million followers, Kim Kardashian is making millions of dollars with her app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. And in doing so, has tripled her earnings in just one year. Blimey.

    According to an earnings report from Glu Mobile, the company that developed the game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood made a whopping $43.4 million in the third quarter of this year. In the first five days alone it collected $1.6 million.

    Earlier this year it was claimed that Kim cut a pretty good deal when the game was created, picking up 45% of the net profits and it was estimated she’d be raking in $85 million by the end of the year. 

    But how does a free app make so many millions? Well, if you want the real Kardashian lifestyle, there’s in-app purchases to tempt you. Downloaded over 22.8 million times, the game enables players to live the life of an A-list celebrity, with players making in-app purchases to upgrade their characters, like a house in Malibu for $10. And those extras soon add up, especially when played by so many people worldwide.

    The rate at which the game is updated to match Kim’s real-life is alarmingly swift. While you can add a Kris Jenner-style Momager and vote in the Presidential elections, you can also add Kim’s designer looks straight from the red carpet to your wardrobe. The app even reflects Kim’s globe-trotting lifestyle, with her (very) recent Dubai trip already available. 

    Credit where credits due, Kim certainly knows what she’s doing. And there’s a few million to prove it too…

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