The one reason why you don’t mess with North West

(She really is our favourite person)

(Image credit: rex)

(She really is our favourite person)

Just because you’re only two-years-old doesn’t mean that you can’t already stake a claim in ruling the world. And that’s exactly what Balmain-wearing, ballet-dancing, and all-round sass tot, North West is doing.

When she’s not yelling: ‘I said no pictures’ at the paps and rolling her eyes at dad Kanye, Nori is making sure she has a firm control of her family’s lives.

Kim Kardahian revealed the latest instalment in her daughter’s reign of Kardashian kontrol, during the final episode of Kocktails With Khloe.

When Khloe asked whether Kim was still breastfeeding baby Saint, 4 months, Kim replied that she wasn’t, and the reason is hilarious.

'Nope. North West stopped that for me. She would cry so much and try to pull him off me,’ she explained.

'She was so jealous she took her little milk box and put it in my bra with the straw sticking out and she wanted to drink while he was drinking.

'This week she goes to me "Mommy I'm not mad anymore, you can feed baby brother I won't cry"' and I was like "look honey, the milk is all dried up."'

We’ve got to say, we admire North’s tenacity. Don’t like that your mum is given your bro more attention by breastfeeding him? Stick your carton of milk down her bra and get in on the action. That child will go far.

The toddler also managed seriously throw into disarray Kanye, Apple, and the music industry in one fell flush, when she threw his phone, with the only recording of his album, The Life Of Pablo, down the toilet.

'They could not be retrieved' said Kim, as Kanye added: ‘No Apple geniuses were genius enough.’

And say what you will about Mr. West's temper, but it seems like all his patience is reserved for his child, as Kim explained: ‘He didn’t get mad.’

North West for president, anyone?

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