Inside Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower: The Outfits, The Gifts And The Really Expensive Puppy

Cara Delevingne even paid a visit...

Kim Kardashian Baby Shower
Kim Kardashian Baby Shower

Cara Delevingne even paid a visit...

If you're a Kardashian, the party never stops. Fresh from Kim's pregnancy-themed birthday party comes her baby shower extravaganza - and this was no ordinary baby shower.

The event was Troop Beverly Hills-themed, natch (a 1989 comedy about rich girls kicking butt, in case you haven't seen it) so all the guests wore stripy blue and white pyjamas, and sipped tea and hot chocolate by linen teepees, surrounded by Louis Vuitton suitcases and plenty of champagne.

So chic.

The event was attended by make-up artists and hairdressers, so Khloe got the chance to show off her very fabulous new blonde lob.

North West showed up with her daddy Kanye to support Kim, and while North was in a matching pair of baby pink pyjamas, Kanye didn't quite participate in the dress code, wearing a rather boring in comparison all black outfit.

Rumour has it that a huge baby shower extravaganza to rival North's had been planned, but in light of the recent health troubles experienced by Khloe's ex Lamar Odom, the family opted for a more low-key gathering.

Cara Delevingne, Kendall's best friend (they even made up their own portmanteau, CaKe) made an appearance, and shared a selfie of the pair snuggled up in a very cosy-looking bed together.

There was even an appearance from Kylie's new dog, which is rumoured to have cost a staggering $50,000. He is super-cute, but $50,000?! Crikey.

Anyone else think this priceless dog deserves his own Instagram account?

See the photos from Kim's baby shower above... Photos:,,,

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