Justin Lee Collins ‘forced girlfriend to recount sexual history’

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  • TV presenter turned Rock of Ages actor Justin Lee Collins has been in court accused of mounting a harassment campaign against his former girlfriend

    Justin Lee Collins is accused of harrassing his ex-girlfriend Anna Larke and making her recount in detail every sexual experience she had ever had, a court heard to today.

    It was alleged that as part of a domestic abuse campaign, Justin Lee Collins, 38, forced Larke to tell him her past sexual relationships which he then wrote down in a notebook and used against her during future arguments.

    St Albans Crown Court was told that the Rock of Ages actoralso ordered Larke to close down her email, Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as throw away her DVD collection ‘on the basis she found some of the male actors in the movies to be attractive.’

    A police interview with Larke, 38, was played to the court, in which she said: ‘He wanted a full sexual history of me. He wanted all the details and wanted to write it all down.

    ‘He wanted to know every single person I had slept with or had an encounter with. He said it was for clarity so he could get to grips with my past.

    ‘I felt absolutely horrible and disgusted. I was really scared. I thought I was going to lose him. He said: “If you don’t do it you will lose me”. All the time he brought stuff up from the past. I shouldn’t have done it.

    ‘Every aspect of my life had to be open for him to dissect. I had to account for what I had been doing.’

    A mobile phone recording was played to the court of an argument that Larke and the former Friday Night Project host had in July 2011 where he allegedly accused her of ‘fancying’ a man at a pub. The court heard Justin Lee Collins apparently call Larke a ‘slag’ and accused her of having unprotected sex with many men.

    Larke told police she had made the recording in case she ever needed reminding of why the relationship ended.

    Justin Lee Collins, 38, who once hosted The Friday Night Project with Alan Carr, was also accused of physically assaulting Larke.

    Collins denies harassing Anna Larke. The case continues.


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