11 people share their stories of being jilted at the altar

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  • 'He said I should take my best friend on our honeymoon'

    It’s possibly every bride or groom’s worst nightmare, being dumped days (or in some cases minutes) before you walk down the aisle.

    But former brides and grooms have been sharing their horror stories of being jilted before their wedding to Whisper, a website where people upload anonymous confessions or stories, from light hearted tales about text message errors to more serious stories of sexual harassment.

    One of the most recent threads sees brides and grooms posting stories of being dumped before or on their wedding day. Some of them are particularly cruel (particularly number one).

    1) The award for worst groom of all time goes to…
    ‘My ‘fiancé’ laughed in my face when the pastor asked if he would take me to be his wife and humiliated me in front of my whole family and his. I’m currently in a custody battle for my son.’

    2) The no-show
    ‘In my case, he started behaving differently until I started to question why we were together. Then on the day we would have married, he didn’t show up.’

    3) The ‘I’m not ready… oh wait, now I am’
    ‘My fiancé left me three days before our wedding because he wasn’t ready. He married someone else three months later.’

    4) The love rat
    ‘Mine cheated on me and I lost all my money on the wedding that didn’t happen.’

    5) The disappearing act
    6) The ‘helpful’ suggestion
    ‘I got a note from my fiancé saying how sad he was to do this to me and that I should take my best friend on our honeymoon.’

    7) The out of the blue bastard
    ‘My fiancé ran off with someone else one month before our wedding. I was completely blindsided.’

    8) The heartbreaker

    ‘My fiancé left me for another woman four years ago today. It still feels like it was yesterday.’

    9) The family problem
    ‘Just found out the REAL reason my fiancé left me after 7 years together. His mother gave him an ultimatum… ‘your fiancé or your family’.

    10) The jilt-er
    ‘We were looking at wedding venues and I realized I wasn’t ready to get married.’

    11) The happy ending
    ‘My fiancé left me when I was four months pregnant and two months before our wedding. Today I’m happily dating a wonderful man who treats me and my son very well.’

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