Jennifer Lawrence Has Beaten Everyone To Be Crowned Hollywood's Most Valuable Star Of 2015

Go J-Law!

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Go J-Law!

She's impeccably well-dressed, absolutely hilarious and also wildly successful - and now Jennifer Lawrence has won the ultimate accolade (after her Oscar, of course) - she's been named the most valuable star of 2015 by Vulture.

The list is based on several factors, including box-office takings around the world, social media mentions, critical respect, Oscars success and likeability ratings - well, Jen was obviously going to clinch that last one, of course.

Jennifer beat Robert Downey Jr for the second year in a row, with the judges saying she dominates 'in nearly every category'.

Calling her box-office record 'unimpeachable' and applauding her 'innate BFF-ability', Vulture called Jen 'the leading movie star of her generation'.

Next in line was Robert Downey Jr, who was called 'Marvel's top box-office superhero', followed by Leonardo DiCaprio - whom, it was hinted, would perhaps to be able to steal the top spot if he finally won that much-deserved Oscar.

After Leo came Jennifer's best friend Bradley Cooper, followed by Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise and Hugh Jackman.

In eighth place, finally another woman made it onto the list - Sandra Bullock. Ninth and tenth places were achieved by Channing Tatum and Scarlett Johansson respectively.

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