Janet Jackson to freeze eggs

Janet Jackson set to freeze her eggs

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson set to freeze her eggs

Janet Jackson is thinking about freezing her eggs because her biological clock is ticking like crazy.

The 42-year-old singer opened up to US supermodel Tyra Banks, admitting that she’ll ‘definitely have kids someday’ but claimed she is ‘allergic to marriage’ and is fed up with questions about when she and boyfriend Jermaine Dupri will tie the knot.

‘So many people were putting pressure on Jermaine and then they started putting pressure on me,’ she said.

‘I’m happy where I am. I’ve done it twice before – I’m afraid I might be a jinx.’

Janet eloped at the age of 18, but her marriage to singer James De Barge was annulled in 1985.

She married René Elizondo, her business partner, in 1991, but they divorced 10 years later.

Now, although she might not be interested in marrying again, her biological clock is ticking, and the pitter-patter of tiny feet is playing on her mind. She added: ‘My doctor is thinking about making me have my eggs frozen, believe you me.’

While she waits, the singer says she is concentrating on her career – namely a Jackson 5 reunion.

‘I have conference calls pushing them to do a huge tour. If they did, I would love to open for them.’

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