Jade Goody given four weeks to live

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  • Jade has weeks to live so Jack Tweed's sentencing postponed

    Jade Goody has a maximum of four weeks to live, it was revealed yesterday.

    The sad news emerged in court yesterday when her new husband, Jack Tweed, was found guilty of viciously assaulting a taxi driver.

    Jack’s lawyer, Tania Panagiotopoulou, asked Epping Magistrates for an extended adjournment before sentencing so that he would be able to spend maximum time with his dying wife.

    As a result, his sentencing has been postponed for one month, until 26 March.

    Meanwhile, Jade emerged from Chelsea and Westminster hospital yesterday after a successful operation to remove a painful blockage in her bowel.

    The reality TV star gave a thumbs up as she was transported on a stretcher back to the Royal Marsden hospital nearby.

    Jade’s close friend Kevin Adams, who was at her bedside after the surgery, said she began shuddering uncontrollably and her lips turned blue as she came round.

    ‘At about 3.30 or 4am she had a reaction and was just shuddering. She was so cold. The nurse got the doctor by which time Jade’s lips had started to go blue,’ he told The Sun.

    He added that the doctor had said the reaction could have been due to a four-pint blood transfusion Jade had during the operation or an infection, which will ‘clear itself up’.

    But he said: ‘She is in less pain now. On a scale of one to ten she was in a sharp pain of ten, but she is now around a six.’

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