The Jackson family feud continues, but what exactly is going on?

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  • Michael Jackson's family have become embroiled in a bitter dispute over late singer's will

    Michael Jackson’s family have become embroiled in a very public dispute over the late singer’s will and guardianship of his three children.

    The ongoing drama between the Jackson family escalated yesterday when it is believed that Michael’s siblings, Janet, Jermaine and Randy Jackson, stormed the family estate in a bid to remove his three children.

    In dramatic video scenes, Janet Jackson was filmed apparently trying to convince Michael Jackson’s two oldest children to leave their home, but Paris and Prince refused.


    The video appears to show Janet trying to take a mobile phone from the hands of Paris, shouting at her niece for using her phone to write about the family issues on Twitter, according to sources. At around the same time, 14-year-old Paris tweeted: ‘gotta love fam.’

    The teenager and her two brothers, Prince and Prince Michael II, are wards of their 82-year-old grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and normally live with her but during the last week Paris has been fuming on Twitter that she’s been blocked from speaking to her grandmother as she recovers from a mystery ailment in Arizona.


    Other reports say Katherine Jackson has been denied access to phones or computers to ensure her ‘well being,’ leaving Paris upset that she can’t see her grandmother. She tweeted yesterday: ‘9 days and counting… so help me god i will make whoever did this pay.’

    Jackson’s siblings, Janet, Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie, argue that their brother could not have signed the will, that leaves his entire wealth to his mother, Katherine, and the three children, because he was in New York City the weekend of the signing.

    How do you feel about the Jackson family’s feud? Does it surprise you the way in which the late star’s family are behaving about his will? Let us know your thoughts on the drama below.



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