Keira Knightley to make West End debut

Keira Knightley to star in West End show, but plays down her role

Keira Knightley, fringe, hair trends, Marie Claire
Keira Knightley, fringe, hair trends, Marie Claire

Keira Knightley to star in West End show, but plays down her role

Keira Knightley may be more famous for dressing up in corsets in front of the camera, but the actress is about to return to her childhood roots; the theatre.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is taking on the lead female role in a West End play, but is keen to play down her part.

Keira, 24, is playing the role of an over-sexed Hollywood actress in a modern-day version of a 17th century novel, The Misanthrope by Moliere.

The Oscar-nominated starlet will be acting opposite revered stage and screen actor Damian Lewis.

'It's not the bloody Keira Knightly show,' she joked to a friend - and director Thea Sharrock agrees with her.

'Keira's right, it's not the Keira Knightley show,' Thea told the Daily Mail.

'She's the leading lady because she has the biggest female role, but she's not the lead part. This is Damian's show.'

Keira grew up in theatres as she would often go on tour with her actor father, Will Knightley, and her playwright mother, Sharman Macdonald.

Keira also Twittered this morning that she had been 'attacked by a stranger on the street' and was 'very shook up'.

A later post revealed that the actress had been subject to some over-enthusiastic fan attention.

'He attempted to hug me, but it was more of a rough, unwanted manhandling,' she Twittered about 5.30am.

'My security was very quick thankfully. Calling mum now.'

We hope you're OK Keira? That's never a good way to start the weekend.

The Misanthrope will officially open at the Comedy Theatre in London on December 17.



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