Homeland Without Brody? It Might Just Work. Watch The New Season Trailer, Here…

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  • The new series of Homeland has started.

    A new series of Homeland has begun. Before you get yourself worked up into a Carrie Mathison-style freak-out about how the show will never work without Nicholas Brody, we suggest you take a look at the new trailer for series 4.

    The new series promises to bring back the show’s original mystique and swaps out romance for some hardcore political drama as Claire Danes, Rupert Friend and Mandy Patinkin head back to the Middle East.

    The first episode of season 4 aired last night and the reviews have, so far, been favourable. Now that Brody is dead it seems the show has got back some of the magic of the very first season – remember how good that was – and Claire Danes shines as the manic Carrie Mathison.

    ‘I think she is past a certain threshold and her response is not so histrionic, in fact, she’s kind of flat-lined,’ says Claire Danes of this season’s incarnation of Carrie.

    ‘Carrie is alarmingly high-functioning and there is a lot of pain lurking beneath the surface that she’s just not dealing with. She has always been very focused on her work obviously, but that’s even more the case and it’s taken to a greater extreme. She’s quite cold and exacting and impatient – all these things that she has been in the past.

    She adds, ‘There are also little flickers of her vulnerability and humanity that surface. Processing the death of Brody is a very complex grief to experience because she was culpable. I mean she was involved in that outcome. She led him to his death. I think that Carrie feels a personal responsibility as well as a profound loss.’

    We start the new season of Homeland by seeing Carrie struggling with motherhood and a disastrous airstrike in Pakistan that kills almost an entire wedding party.

    Here’s hoping season 4 is a return to form for Homeland, check out exactly what’s in store by watching the trailer below.


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