Hillary Clinton will be coming to the UK and here's how to see her live

Set an alarm or three for release day

hillary clinton london literature festival
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Set an alarm or three for release day

Hillary Clinton is doing what President Donald Trump won’t and will be coming to the UK this year. She’s not just going to be passing through and making pleasantries with politicians though - she’ll actually talking publicly in London to about her run for president last year and anyone with £45 can go watch.

The former secretary of state will be joining the ranks of the London Literature Festival to promote her memoir What Happened, which came out a couple of days ago.

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Hillary is basically the festival’s powerhouse speaker this year and will be taking the Southbank Centre stage on October 15 to talk about her 2016 campaign, sexism and her devastating loss. One highlight of the book is when she talks about her tense presidential debate where Donald Trump prowled ominously behind her and she wrote of being conflicted, saying, 'It was one of those moments where you wish you could hit pause and ask everyone: 'Well, what would you do?''

hillary clinton london literature festival

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She's been making the rounds in the US to promote her new book and is being refreshingly honest about the behind the scenes of the campaign, as well as her personal feelings. While she's unsurprisingly critical of Trump, she's also been pretty pointed about Bernie Sanders and claimed that he 'caused lasting damage' to her campaign.

If you’re keen to pull out your I’m With Her tee and watch her speak, Southbank Centre members get early access to tickets on September 14 at 10am. The rest of us will have to wait until 10am on September 15 when the box office opens to the public. Though tickets are a little steep at £45, it’ll be Hillary’s only London appearance and you’ll also get a copy of What Happened - who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to get it signed?

While Hillary Clinton’s the big name on the London Literature Festival ticket, Tom Hanks, Philip Pullman and Annie Leibovitz will also be discussing their lives and novels.

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