Heather Mills' £25 million divorce settlement

Heather Mills's £25 million payday

Heather Mills
Heather Mills

Heather Mills's £25 million payday

The Heather Mills and Paul McCartney divorce battle is due to be finalised today with Heather expected to net up to £46 million.

After months of thrashing out a settlement, Paul is expected to hand out one of the biggest divorce payments ever seen in the UK.

Forty-year-old Heather, who was married to Sir Paul for four years, is expected to receive a £25 million lump sum up front and hopes to land up to £1.5million a year as main carer of the couple's four-year-old daughter Beatrice, until the child is 18.

The pair spent six days in court last month deciding how much of McCartney's £825 million Heather should receive. Mr Justice Bennett will deliver the details of the decision in private at the High Court in London today – but will then take instructions from Heather and Paul about how much detail of the deal should be revealed to the public.

It is thought Heather is upset about the amount of money she is being offered, but is more concerned who would have custody of Bea if both Paul and herself died before the child's 18th birthday; she is reportedly considering appealing the settlement agreement.

A close friend told the Mirror: 'They both want different people to look after Bea and it appears Paul has got his way.

'Heather is considering carefully the pros and cons of taking it to the Court of Appeal.'

Divorce expert Vanessa Lloyd Platt said yesterday: 'If Heather took the custody issue to the Court of Appeal it would remain private. But if she decides to appeal on the financial settlement it would be heard in public.'

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