The 12 Stages Of Going To See Benedict Cumberbatch In Hamlet

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  • No we didn't get tickets. But we know someone who did...

    If you were one of the lucky few who managed to get tickets to see the one and only Mr Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet then chances are you’re probably the envy of everyone you’ve ever met.

    Seriously – how did you get them?

    Despite selling out in record time and being the most hotly anticipated Shakespeare adaptation since, well, ever, Benedict’s turn as The Dane has garnered some mixed reviews.

    Here at Marie Claire, one of our very own team members actually went to see Mr Cumberbatch in all his glory and, from what we gathered, this is how the whole thing went down…

    1.  “Benedict Cumberbatch? On stage? In the flesh? I’M THERE!”

    2.  “Ah, looks like everyone else in the whole world had the same idea.”

    3. “For the love of God, DO NOT REFRESH. I must get these damn tickets.”

    4.  “Success! This is what pure happiness feels like!”

    5.  Meanwhile in the queue outside the Barbican… “Camping out all night for tickets isn’t so bad. It’s not like I have a job or a family or a life or anything.”

    6.  “It’s here! The day is finally here! Look out Benedict, here I come and I’m not above heckling.”

    7.  “Okay so I almost forgot this is a Shakespeare play. With all the Elizabethan language.”

    8.  “I kinda wish I’d had a coffee before it started. It’s not that I’m bored, it’s just really warm in here.”

    9.  “Must. Stay. Awake.”

    10.  “Wha- what? No, I didn’t nod off! I just sometimes snore when I’m wide awake and really enjoying something. Honest!”

    11.  “Oh lord, there’s still another two hours of this to go…”

    12.  “So maybe I nodded off around the middle bit and Benedict kinda carried the whole thing but who cares? I saw Sherlock in the flesh!”

    Did you get tickets to see Benedict in Hamlet? What did you think?

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