Gisele Bundchen: Pay me in euros not dollars

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  • Gisele Bundchen insists on being paid in euros instead of dollars

    LINDA EVANGELISTA ONCE said she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day – now, Gisele Bundchen has taken things one step further by demanding to be paid in euros not dollars.

    The savvy supermodel, who is the face of more than 20 brands worldwide and has a personal fortune of $150 million (£72 million), has stipulated she wants to be paid in euros for fear the US currency will continue to weaken.

    Bundchen’s twin sister and manager, Patricia, revealed that when the model signed her latest deal to represent Pantene hair products, she demanded that the brand owner, Procter and Gamble, pay her in euros.

    Patricia told the Bloomberg news agency: ‘Contracts starting now are more attractive in euros because we don’t know what will happen to the dollar.’

    The move comes after warnings about the dollar from the American billionaire, Warren Buffet, and the banker, Bill Gross.

    Last week, Gross, manager of the world’s biggest bond fund, said that moving away from the dollar, ‘should be on top of the list’ for anyone looking to invest money. ‘We’ve told all of our clients that if you only had one idea, one investment, it would be to buy an investment in a non-dollar currency.’

    The US dollar last week hit an all-time low against the euro, Canadian dollar and Chinese yuan. The euro pushed above $1.45, while the pound rose to a 26-year high at $2.08.

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