George Clooney ER return?

George Clooney to make ER comeback?

George Clooney is reportedly set to make a return to smash-hit US medical drama ER for its final season.

The series’ producer, David Zabel, is desperate to reunite old cast members for a one-off special to celebrate the show ending after 15 seasons.

Clooney would be required to reprise his role as Dr. Doug Ross – the character that propelled the 46-year-old actor to super-stardom after his run on the show from 1994 to 1999.

Zabel says: ‘We want to revisit characters that have existed on the show over the years and say where they are now. We’d love to get them all back in some way – that doesn’t mean we are going to but we are going to try.’

And bosses at the show’s network NBC are also eager to bring back actor Anthony Edwards – despite the fact his character, Dr. Mark Greene, died of a brain tumor.

Zabel adds: ‘There are ways to do it that we’ve thought about – even if it were, like, a lost episode from 1996.’

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