13 Friends Episodes Every Thirty-Something Is Still Applying To Their Own Life

From 'we were on a break' to 'The Fear'

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From 'we were on a break' to 'The Fear'

1) The One With ‘The Fear’ You hate your job but you can’t motivate yourself to find a new one. Then you realize what you're lacking is ‘The Fear.’ When Rachel is fed up of working at the coffee shop, Joey and Chandler tell her she needs to hand in her notice without having a new job because she needs 'The Fear'. Handy for: bold career moves.

2) The One With The Sofa You’re moving into a new flat. Your old sofa can’t get up the stairs. At this point someone will inevitably start barking ‘Pivot, pivoooot, PIVAAAAT!’ Handy for: making tedious moving days a little funnier.

3) The One With The Fight ‘It’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy and it IS a big deal’ – every man’s sexual insecurity encompassed in one line. Handy for: brutal honesty.

4) The One When He’s Her Lobster ‘Hang in there’ Phoebe tells Ross about his on-off relationship with Rachel, ‘It’s going to happen. She’s your lobster.’ And so began an entire generation of twenty-somethings describing The One as their ‘Lobster.’ Handy for: highly sophisticated relationship analysis.


5) The One Where Ross Gets A Tan ‘Spray, count, pat and turn!’ Just make sure you don’t do a Ross and insert Mississippi between each number. Always count ‘Missisipi-lessly’. Handy for: tanning booth skills.

6) The One With The Frizzy Hair ‘It’s the humidity!’ Handy for: realizing that in certain climates no hair product in the world can possibly help you.

7) The One Where They Don’t Know We Know They Know The complexities of sharing a secret between six friends has never been summed up more eloquently. Handy for: concealing (or not concealing) secrets.

8) The One With The Shampoo Explosion Ross’s reaction sums up how every person ever felt about an in-flight shampoo explosion. Handy for: sweating the small stuff.

9) The One Where They Were On A Break ‘WE WERE ON A BREAK!’ The episode that taught us how it’s really, really, really important to establish what ‘on a break’ actually means.

Handy for: realising it's probably not good to sleep with someone when you're on a break.

10) The One Where Ross Is Fine ‘I’m fine’ ‘I’m fine’ ‘I’m fiiiiiine’ Handy for: realizing when your friend really is not fine.

11) The One Where Rachel Moves Out ‘It’s the end of an era!’ – the only way to encapsulate the feeling of sadness when your roomie moves in with her boyfriend. Handy for: flatshare emotions.

12) The One With The Hug And Roll Diving a generation of men and women into ‘all night huggers’ or ‘hug and rollers’ Handy for: bedroom diplomacy.

13) The One Where Monica Is Breezy When leaving a voicemail to a guy who has just dumped you (in this case Monica and Richard) never, ever, EVER end it with ‘I’m breezy!’ Saying you’re breezy immediately removes all breeziness. Handy for: post-relationship communication management.

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