David Gandy supports International Women's Day action by appearing on panel

Can he do no wrong?

(Image credit: REX)

Can he do no wrong?

It seems gorgeous male model David Gandy can do no wrong after it was revealed he will be supporting this year's International Women's Day action, taking place on March 8.

The Dolce & Gabbana model will participate in a panel discussion at the Women: Inspiration & Enterprise's (WIE) annual symposium, held at London's Hospital Club, after being approached by WIE creator June Sarpong and WIE contributor Margherita Taylor.

Gandy said: 'I hugely respect both Margherita and June and they inspire me with the projects and events they are involved in and their drive, so of course, I jumped at the chance of joining the other people on the panel and supporting WIE.'

He will be joining the likes of Alastair Campbell, Ozwald Boateng and Dave Berry to talk about 'what women can learn from men to help achieve the greatest success in enterprise, philanthropy and building a brand'.

'I'm really interested to hear the panel's stories of how they have become successful in their field', he added.

'Whenever people share their experiences you learn a lot - something that may resonate with you or inspire you. There are many women in my industry who have built fantastic careers in modelling and continue to do so. They inspire me and I've learnt a lot by observing them and admiring what they have achieved. Hopefully, between us as a panel, we will be able to share things which may be of interest to the people in the audience or help them in the future.'

Tickets to the WIE event, which also include other talks and workshops, are available here for £250 per person.


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