Courteney Cox’s shocking David Arquette admission

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  • The Scream star has spoken out about her 'sex-obsessed' ex during a bizarre joint interview on the Howard Stern show

    Scream star Courteney Cox has spoken out about her ‘sex-obsessed’ estranged husband David Arquette, during a new interview on Howard Stern’s US radio show.


    Courteney was joined by David for the bizarre radio show in which she confessed her ex was so ‘sex-obsessed’ he even tried to sleep with her while comforting her over the death of her father.

    ‘It was really not the place for it. It was early in the morning,’ the actress said in the interview, which seemed to turn into something of a therapy session for the pair.

    ‘This is one of our problems in our relationship whenever I would need consoling from David he could not literally put his arm round me for one second without completely getting a b*ner!’

    ‘It was like “Oh I’m so sorry your dad’s dying. can we f**k?” That’s the truth!’

    Speaking of the differences, which lead to the breakdown in their relationship, Courteney said: ‘The truth of the matter is that we love each other so much. We have such affection for each other, but we are very different.’

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    Slamming reports of romances with several of her Cougar Town co-stars, Courtney criticised her ex for revealing he had tried to win her back during a recent trip to Disneyland.

    ‘He [Arquette] told everyone, “Oh yeah I tried to hit on Courtney in Disney World”, and I was like “Dude that’s not really for everyone to know,”’ she said.

    ‘He’s something else. We are separated and David is sober now. We are getting a long great, it’s kind of the best we have ever been.

    ‘We were just in Disney World, we were talking and we were laughing so hard because we are so close now and being real and honest.

    ‘I was like, “David you know what, you’re 39, you look great, you know you’re probably going to find someone named Tiffany or Britney or something.’’

    Courteney Cox and David Arquette with Coco at Disney Land

    Despite their problems, Courteney revealed she and David remain close, and refused to rule out a reunion.

    ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen,’ she said. ‘I’m sure this decision needs to be made at some point, we’re getting along so well, I hate to rock the boat.

    What are your thoughts on Courteney and David’s relationship? Would you like to see them reunite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.



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