Coleen Rooney 'could earn m' after split from Wayne

Coleen Rooney could earn £10m as a 'WAG pundit' after divorcing Wayne Rooney, claim PR experts

Wayne and Coleen Rooney - cheating scandal
Wayne and Coleen Rooney - cheating scandal
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Coleen Rooney could earn £10m as a 'WAG pundit' after divorcing Wayne Rooney, claim PR experts

Coleen Rooney may be weighing up her future with husband Wayne, but she should be OK financially if she becomes a 'WAG pundit', claims PR guru Max Clifford.

Coleen is said to be heartbroken after it emerged that Wayne paid a prostitute for sex while she was pregnant with their son Kai, now 10-months old.

If the couple do divorce over the scandal, Clifford claims Coleen can make a career out of being a 'WAG pundit'.

'Coleen could earn millions – easily £10million in the next five years – if she plays her cards right,’ he says.

'With all her experience as a WAG – because she really is at the heart of it – she could be some sort of expert on that side of things, giving advice because she’s been through it.'

Clifford says Coleen has a great public image and is managing to survive the allegations of Wayne's infidelity with dignity.

He adds, 'She comes across as a very nice, sensible girl and the public already like her. And now, during this horrible time, she has their sympathy.’

The couple, both 24, are reportedly due to meet today to discuss their future.

'Coleen has agreed to meet Wayne. She’s devastated but is prepared to hear him out,' a source told the Daily Mail.

The Rooney's marriage is in trouble after 21-year-old prostitute Jennifer Thompson told the Sunday Mirror she would meet the multi-millionaire footballer for sex in hotels, where he paid her £1,200 each time.

Wayne is said to have told friends he will not fight for his marriage if his wife decides she does want a divorce.



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