Celebrities who appear to be secretly 200 years old

Some of these are just bang on

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The 'Virgin Mary' Nicolas Cage is our personal favourite

Living celebrity doppelgangers are often very funny, but we're always particularly tickled by A-list lookalikes from history.

Over the years the gods of the internet have brought us Civil War Matthew McConaughey, 1961 Matt Damon and (our own personal favourite) Virgin Mary Nicolas Cage.

Some have suggested that Nicolas Cage is in fact a vampire, having cropped up in pictures from several different centuries. We have to say the second shot is our absolute favourite.

Here is Cage in the Victorian Era (nice bow tie):

Here he is again (this time a little earlier) doing some stand-in work for the Virgin Mary:

For reference, here he is now:

Here's a shot of 'Matthew McConaughey', shared on Imgur by a man called Sanders Parker from Tennessee, who says this picture is actually his great-great grandfather. The photo is so accurate that Parker had to fend off claims that it is photoshopped, claiming his family just don't have the tech skills to pull something like that off:

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey... is that you?
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Maggie Gyllenhaal also appears to have been knocking around for a while. Or she just looks a lot like the 19th century writer Rose Wilder Lane:

Here is Maggie Gyllenhaal now:

Then there's this pretty eerie shot of 'John Travolta', which was put up for auction on eBay for $50 000 (no word on whether that astronomical sum was actually paid):

Here's a bit of real life (vintage) Travolta for your reference:

Matt Damon got married to Luciana Barroso 2005 but also appears to have previously wed this lady back in 1961:

1961 Matt Damon

1961 'Matt Damon' shared by Reddit user Coffeandtrout
(Image credit: CoffeandTrout / Reddit)

Here is modern day Damon:

Matt Damon (in real life)

Matt Damon (remarkably youthful-looking considering he got married in 1961)
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Then there's Eminem, who was immortalised thousands of years ago in this Greek bust:

Eminem as a Greek bust

Greek Eminem: 'I'm the real stone Shady'
(Image credit: Eminem)

Here he is in non-classical form:


(Image credit: rex)

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