Catalina Moreno interview

Oscar-nominated Catalina Moreno talks about her latest role in Love In The Time of Cholera

Catalina Sandino
Catalina Sandino

Oscar-nominated Catalina Moreno talks about her latest role in Love In The Time of Cholera

Nominated for an Oscar in 2005 for her role as a drug-mule in Maria Full of Grace, Colombian starlet Catalina Sandino Moreno, 26, returns with Love In The Time of Cholera, an adaptation of Gabriel García Márquez's novel co-starring Javier Bardem.

Are you a big fan of Gabriel García Márquez?

Gabriel García Márquez, I have been reading since I remember. He's something very close to home and my heart. I know that book from beginning to end because I've read it a lot of times. When I was in school, you have to read Gabriel García Márquez. I needed a part in that movie. I needed to be in it, because I love that book, and the script is amazing too, and the cast and director was a combination of things that I really wanted to be a part of.

It's being made by British director Mike Newell. Is there a part of you that would like a Latin American to direct it, though?

Mike's great. He loves the book. He met with García Márquez and really knows what he's doing. He's passionate and he acts with you when you're doing a scene. He's feeling it with you. He totally did a great job. You don't have to be Latin American to direct it. That's a stereotype - like, 'You're Colombian, so you have to play that all the time.'

Do you get that a lot?

Yes. I mean, I know that I'm Colombian. I'm proud to be Colombian. I'm happy to be Latin American. But I don't classify myself as a Latin American actress. I just see myself as an actress.

Since you won an Oscar nomination for Maria Full of Grace, you've been very selective in what you've chosen to do...

After Maria Full of Grace, it took me two years to find a good movie - and then I did Fast Food Nation. It was a long time but I think it was worth it. I think every movie I've done, it's something I'm proud of. When I'm old, I want to look back and say 'This was a great movie.' I want to feel proud of every single movie.

Do you like the glam side of Hollywood, though?

I like dressing up. It's nice because I don't dress up everyday. I wear jeans and flats normally. It's nice sometimes to dress up. I wouldn't dress up everyday. I wouldn't wear make-up everyday. I wouldn't do my hair everyday. But sometimes it's nice. I'm not the kind of person that plans everything. I am a mess!

Love in the Time of Cholera opens on 21 March.

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