Britney Spears reveals her experience with a botched Botox job

"I thought it was permanent"

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Since being released from her conservatorship, Britney Spears has been sharing more about her life on social media and enjoying every minute of it. Last week, she shared a cheeky video of herself fooling around on a plane and shared how she was considering getting botox – but was a bit anxious about it given how it went for her last time.

In her post, she explained she previously had had a botox treatment done but that it hadn’t gone so well. Referencing the Adam Sandler film Just Go With It, she said, “The last time I did it, my eyebrow was raised like the funny girl in the movie.”

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Britney is of course referring to a scene in the film where Saturday Night Live star Rachel Dratch sees a doctor played by Sandler for advice, following a similarly botched botox job.

In the movie, Dratch comes in for help with her hilariously raised eyebrow which at one point almost flies up into her hairline, and is nicknamed “brows gone wild” by another character. 

Spears shared, “For 3 weeks [my eyebrow] wouldn’t come down, it stayed up there!”

“Sounds funny but it actually wasn’t !!! I thought it was permanent,” she continued, adding she was “surprised people don’t sue.”

Alongside her Botox story, she added in her post she was “just happy to be here” and was “not drinking at all, just acting!” 

Spears isn’t the only celebrity to have talked openly about her experience with Botox over the years, with Olivia Colman for example saying she had “done Botox and I LOVED it” to The Sunday Times. Other stars such as Nicole Kidman said they had similar disappointing experiences as Spears, saying she “didn’t like how my face looked afterwards.”

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The Hit Me Baby One More Time singer recently shared was heading to a tropical location and was celebrating her fiance Sam Asghari’s birthday. The couple announced their engagement last November and yesterday, she posted a video of the gigantic diamond ring and Asghari on her Instagram. 

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