Beyoncé’s Stevie Wonder Tribute Is 9 Minutes Of Awesomeness

Beyoncé dueted with Ed Sheeran at the Stevie Wonder tribute concert.

Beyoncé clearly took her role in the recent Stevie Wonder tribute concert very seriously (as well she should – we still get goosebumps when we think of his Bestival 2012 set) and the result was nine minutes of glorious Queen Bey totally owning the stage.

The powerhouse teamed up with Brit superstar Ed Sheeran and Texan blues guitarist Gary Clarke jr for a three-song set at the Songs in the Key of Life – An All-Star Salute concert.

The mega-talented trio belted out three hits from Stevie’s back catalogue, namely Fingerprints, Master Blaster (Jammin’) and Higher Ground.

Watch Beyoncé in all her glorious perfection

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