Bella Hadid shouted at her security guard for 'pushing' a female photographer

'Don't touch her.'

bella hadid

'Don't touch her.'

Bella Hadid has been busy at New York Fashion Week, walking for the likes of Anna Sui and Ralph Lauren, and even helping her sister, Gigi, down the runway. But as chaotic as it can sometimes be, the 20-year-old model was having none of it when her security guard allegedly 'pushed' a female photographer.

A video has emerged of Bella leaving a venue after the Michael Kors show and making her way to a car. While walking, she was protected by security who tried and create a buffer between her and the many photographers trying to get their snaps. Many of them were scrambling over each other to try and take her picture, and her team attempted to scurry her past them all.

Things got very crowded and there appeared to be a scuffle between the photographers and her security. But one female photographer appears to fall over as a result, and after seeing this Bella stopped and told one of her male security guards not to touch her, before checking to see if she was okay.

In the footage, she can be heard saying: 'Can you please - don't touch her. Are you okay?' before turning back to the man and scolding: 'Don't touch her.'

He denied any physical altercation with the woman, and Bella proceeded to get into her waiting car.

The pap in question is reportedly street style photographer, Cris Fragkou, who was working for Refinery29. She later told the website: 'I realised I’m at the front of this crowd and that’s not a good thing, so I put my camera down and I turn around to get in the back. There’s an orange barrier that you can see in the video and it’s blocking me.

'So I turned back around to the front, and the security guard starts pushing me and I’m not even taking a picture, my camera is down at my side. He’s shoving me and because there is an orange barrier on the side, I can’t go anywhere.'

She went on to say that at the time she was too 'freaked out' to thank Bella for what she did, but was pleased that the model stood up for her.

Fragkou continued: 'It’s the fact she acknowledged [that] her body is no more important than my body. Whether it’s a small photographer stuck in a crowd or Bella Hadid getting bothered by the paparazzi, we’re all equally important.

'Thank you for doing the decent thing and acknowledging that I’m also human as much as you are.'

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