Anne Hathaway interview

In new spoof spy movie Get Smart, Anne Hathaway takes on an altogether different guise

Marie Claire Celebrity: Anne Hathaway
Marie Claire Celebrity: Anne Hathaway

In new spoof spy movie Get Smart, Anne Hathaway takes on an altogether different guise

She may have played a young and innocent Jane Austen the last time you saw her, but Anne Hathaway takes on an entirely different guise in new movie Get Smart, playing a secret agent with some kickass moves.

How much did you draw on the original TV character for this movie version?

The most overt reference that I make to Barbara Felman is in a scene when I wear a short, fringed wig, which is reminiscent of her original haircut. And, of course, I was very grateful to inherit her Chanel handbag addiction, that wasn't too painful at all.

You took dance lessons growing up. Was there any friendly rivalry between you and Steve Carell in your dance-off scene?

I'm one of those people who studied ballet for 12 years and you can't tell, like someone who takes a language all through high school and at the end can understand a little but can't speak it at all. There wasn't any rivalry; I think we were all nervous that we were going to suck.

You did some of your own stunt scenes, any cuts and bruises to show for it?

Yes actually, I'm wearing shorts today and you can sort of see I have a couple of dents in my legs. In one scene I accidentally hit a bar and had to have 15 stitches in my legs – seven in my left and eight in my right. I couldn't walk for a week, but I healed and after shooting an action movie for four months, it could been worse.

This is your first foray into action movies. Did you get a taste for it?

I was surprised by how much I liked it. Agent 99 [my character] is probably as different a role from my own personality as I've ever played and just getting to come to work every day and be kickass and sexy – characteristics that I don't come by naturally - was a lot of fun. Steve [Carell] and I giggled throughout at the idea of us being action heroes – we're not exactly the first people you'd think of!

Get Smart is released nationwide on 22 August.