Anais Gallagher Has Banned Her Dad Noel From Talking About Sex With Her

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  • No sex, drugs, OR rock ‘n’ roll for Anais

    Being the daughter of one of the world’s most controversial, loud-mouthed rock stars is never going to be easy, and 16-year-old Anais Gallagher has given some insights into exactly what it’s like to have Noel Gallagher for a dad. 

    It turns out the Oasis frontman is far stricter than we’d expect him to be, banning his daughter from talking about boys, pursuing music, and getting particularly anxious about her going to parties.

    Anais, whose mum is Noel’s ex Meg Matthews, has been modelling since she was 13, but admits that her dad would have preferred her ‘not to do anything in the spotlight and have a normal job.’
    ‘It’s not their first choice for me but my dad definitely wouldn’t want me to go into music. If you have ever heard me sing or play an instrument you would appreciate that,’ she told The Sun.
    And when it comes to sex, or ‘the birds and the bees’ as the teen delicately put it, the subject is completely out of bounds. 
    ‘My dad has never given me the birds and the bees chat and doesn’t talk to me about boys. He always says, “I don’t want to talk about it”,’ revealed Anais.
    ‘We made an agreement that they should stay out of my friendships and relationships as I get embarrassed, just like any other 16-year-old.’
    Fair enough, 16-year-old us still dies inside at the idea of ever having to discuss any of that with our dads.
    Noel’s rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle was well documented throughout the Nineties, and when he quit drugs in 1998 claimed that he’d spent over £1million on them. He has since declared that he would never ‘preach’ to his children about drugs and would ‘let them find their own way in life’, but this hasn’t stopped him and Meg being nervous about their daughter going to parties. 

    ‘They took a lot of persuasion to let me go to parties,’ said Anais. ‘I’m like any normal teenager and my parents don’t like me going out on a school night and would rather that I wasn’t working at the weekend so I can do my homework. That’s what they are there for.’

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    But we doubt the two have much to worry about when it comes to her lifestyle and future, as Anais has her head well and truly screwed on.
    ‘I love school a lot and I’m in no hurry to leave. When I’m 18 I want to go to university.’
    Wow, words we’d never expect to come out of the mouth of a Gallagher.

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