Alison Goldfrapp interview

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  • Alison Goldrapp on horses' tales, concents and falling off stage

    You?re known as a horse-tailed stage dominatrix. How does your new folky sound translate in the wardrobe department?

    Well I won?t be wearing huge heels and miniskirts. My osteopath told me not to wear heels at the moment. It?s quite nice. Offstage, I?m really a

    jeans-and-trainers girl.

    Speaking of costumes, have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

    I once got my stiletto caught in my horse?s tail on stage and went flying into the audience. It was a mental gig so I think the crowd thought it was part of the show.

    That surely deserves a medal.

    I honestly find it easier to dance about in heels than I do to walk down the street in them.

    Is it true you went to a convent school?

    Yeah, I sang in the school choir. We did our Hail Marys in the morning and we used to sing hymns.

    And the title for the new album Seventh Tree came to you in a dream?

    Well, you can?t argue with a dream and obviously it makes it more personal and relevant to me. Good dreams are better than films or books.

    Where did you record it?

    In a Sixties bungalow in Somerset. I don?t like studios ? they feel too clinical. I like being able to look out of the window.

    Goldfrapp?s new album Seventh Tree is out on 25 February on Mute Records.

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