Alexa Chung interview

TV presenter Alexa Chung spills the beans on her upcoming show, Vanity Lair

Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung

TV presenter Alexa Chung spills the beans on her upcoming show, Vanity Lair

Alexa Chung presents C4's morning music show Freshly Squeezed and is soon to host reality beauty contest Vanity Lair. She talks Popworld and pop tarts with Megan Conner

How sad were you when Popworld ended?

I would have been happy to present that show forever, but I think we'd pretty much explored every avenue with the piss-taking. All the guests were briefed, especially Americans like Gwen Stefani and Kanye West. They'd say, 'We know you're gonna ask us wacky questions!' And we'd be like, 'Idiots. Let's give them the most boring interview ever.'

Is it true you ended up dating Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner?

Aha! Nicely executed. That was very well delivered.

You must have met some hunks...

No, I've never been chatted up on the show by anyone I've fancied. I get sent fan mail from a guy who writes me scripts about aliens, though. They say weird stuff like, 'I know you know the truth.'

Is it true that your first job was modelling for a tampon advert?

It wasn't my first, but everyone seems to remember that one. The other thing I always get picked up on is kissing Holly Valance in her pop video. I'll have to get into Wikipedia and change my stats!

Tell us about your new reality show, Vanity Lair.

We put ten good-looking people in one house then they all compete to be crowned the most beautiful.

Sounds quite shallow…

It is, and during the first week of filming I was gagging to have a dig at the small-mindedness of some of the contestants. There was this one guy who was so appalled at his facial symmetry test, he actually vomited at the sight of it. It's very hilarious, very bitchy and backstabbing, but it asks some interesting questions about the superficiality of beauty.

Three words. Ben. Elton. Why? [Their ITV show Get a Grip was panned by the critics].

Ah, it was awesome! He's a dude. And get this: he took me and my mate to see We Will Rock You on an anniversary night.

Freshly Squeezed is currently on at 7am, weekdays mornings on C4. Vanity Lair starts on C4 in January.

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