Adele, Jennifer Lawrence And Emma Stone Had A Girls Night Out In NYC: #SquadGoals

'Girls night' might just have taken on a whole new meaning

Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence
Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence

'Girls night' might just have taken on a whole new meaning

We know the term 'squad goals' gets bandied a lot around these days: Amy Schumer and Selena Gomez, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and erm, everyone.

But this takes the actual biscuit.

Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone were photographed together, heading out for dinner in New York City and all looking the perfect level of edgy and understated in the way that only famous people seem able to pull off.

'Girls night' might just have taken on a whole new meaning.

The fact that they were all out together is spectacular for several reasons. First of all, because we didn't even know they had each other's numbers and obvs we welcome, with open arms, any developments in the realm of famous female friends, or any friends for that matter.

Secondly, because Adele has been out of the public consciousness for so long we can't quite comprehend the fact that after shunning the spotlight for the past three years she's now dropped a brand spanking new album, called 25, she's looking great and she's socialising with Hollywood's coolest girls. Our tiny minds can not take in this Adele overload.

And also, these photos seriously open up the possibility of this talented trio working together in some aspect. Imagine if J.Law was asking Adele for singing tips, or if Emma was pitching Adele a cameo in one of her films?

The possibilities are endless...

According to E! news, the three dined in the city's trendy Flatiron district in a Mexican restaraunt, feasting on duck carnitas (specific much?) in a restaraunt called Cosme.

What we really want to know though, is what they were all chatting about. Music or films? Boys or babies? Perhaps the fact that combined, they have two Academy Awards and three Oscar nominations between them? Maybe they touched upon the subject of taking over the world, too.

Whatever it was, the banter obviously continued throughout the night because the girls were all photographed deep in conversation in the back of a shared car they took to leave the restaurant.

We're wondering if they carried on the night back at someone's apartment and had a few glasses of vino and a sing-a-long to Adele's greatest hits -or whether it was a call-it-a-night-at-ten kind of soiree.

The mind boggles...

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