Zara Martin’s pre-Coachella beauty diary

The starlet talks us through her pre-festival beauty preparations at London's hippest new beauty haunt...

Move over Shoreditch House, there’s a new roof terrace in (East London) town.

One where there is no fear of having to awkwardly say ‘hello’ to people whose names you can’t quite remember – a totally private, appointment-only beauty haven/penthouse where you and your friends can watch movies on a projector screen, eat delights from neighbouring restaurant Les Trois Garcons and have your nails done while you’re at it.

I was introduced to Teresa Tarmey on Redchurch Street through a friend who has been mysteriously dropping the lbs thanks to Teresa’s Strawberry Laser Lipo/sweat chamber which is scientifically proven to lose you 600 calories a session.

I am also told she is incredible at the whole spectrum of beauty needs and regularly lends her expertise to high-end fashion editorials.

Seeing as I’m off to LA for Coachella tomorrow, I decided to visit the lovely lady for a deep tissue massage and to sample some Calgels, a 2 week chip proof nail situation.

I know I’m a difficult customer. And potentially every professional beautician’s nightmare – I’m a perfectionist, with A.D.D, and I hate relaxing. But I can honestly say after a couple of hours with The Tarmey I am thrilled with my new nails, and back.

If West is more your thing, as of Thursday you can hop over (see what I did there?) to The Playboy Club in Mayfair for Teresa’s newly opened male-centric grooming parlour where us ladies will also be able to receive some of her tailor made treatments.

East or West, I’m hooked. And chip-free…

Zara x

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