It turns out you’ve been using kirby grips wrong the whole time

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  • No wonder they're always falling out

    Want to know the real reason why your kirby grips never seem to stay in your hair? Turns out, we’ve been using them wrong this whole time.

    It shouldn’t be too difficult, right? You pull the kirby grip from your multi-pack, push it into your hair and voilà – all done! Well, not according to Twitter user, @MyWhoopsieDaisy, who has revealed the correct way to put them into your hair.

    She blew beauty lovers minds when she posted this photo on her social feed, explaining that instead of placing the kirby grip in our hair with the grooved side up, we should in fact be putting it in with the wavy side facing down.

    Yes, that’s right – the kirby grip (or bobby pin, as our friends Stateside refer to them) is not the most useless hair accessory in the world, because instead of falling out all the time, the right way of putting them in allows the ridged metal grooves to act as a grip (natch) to lock your hair in place. It even minimises the amount that you need to readjust it throughout the day.

    So now you know.

    We don’t know about you, but we feel a little silly for getting this basic beauty tool so wrong, but judging from the social media reaction it provoked recently, no one else knew either.

    And now that we know the truth, your kirby grip may become the most useful tool in your beauty arsenal. And to give credit where credit is due: what other hair accessory can perfectly keep your hair in place for plaits, updos and more for less than a fiver?

    So next time someone hands you a multi-pack of kirby grips, you’re guaranteed to have the perfect ‘do for days. And all it took was a little turning around.

    You’re welcome.

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