Here’s your ultimate Hun tutorial

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  • I’m always especially peeved if I have to change lines on the underground at Green Park to get on the Piccadilly line. It’s not the Piccadilly line that’s at fault – it’s speedy and the carriages are relatively new so as far as all things tube go, it ain’t too bad. It is instead the blustery tunnels that are the source of my irritation – thanks to pockets of wind, a walk through them never fails to make me look like I’ve been dragged through that proverbial bush backwards.

    The antidote to tube hair: the half-up bun (aka the Hun). Offering the softness of hair left down with the cheekbone-enhancing pull of tying it up, it’s little wonder that Alexa, Sienna and the Bosworth have all adopted it as their go-to ‘I just pulled my hair up on the way out the door’ ‘do. Fortunately for all of us who live on this wind-blown island and really do have to do our hair while rushing around, this look is quick, easy, really, really flattering and – crucially – won’t be ruined by a gust of breeze.

    When we charged Sassoon’s UK Creative Director Bruce Masefield with the mission of showing us two ways to wear the Hun, he was full of enthusiasm, claiming that this style is so easy to customise and do while you’re out and about. He recommends wearing it sleek to meet potential employers/in-laws, and ruffling it up a bit for a date/any occasion where you want to feel a bit less ‘done.’

    Watch the video for all of Bruce’s tips on how to get it right and you need never fear doing your hair on the trot – or go out of your way to avoid wind tunnels – again. Oh, and whatever you do, heed Bruce’s tip about leaving a little hair in front of your ears – it makes ALL the difference.

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