There’s a crazy new blackhead removal trend

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  • We’re not sure how we feel about it

    It’s the ultimate beauty quest: getting rid of blackheads. Even though we know for a fact that nose stripes are really bad for your skin, but there’s something so satisfying about seeing that gunk come out that we just carry on doing it.

    But now it looks like there’s an even more satisfying solution that doesn’t involve removing all your skin’s protective oils.

    Introducing ‘skin gritting’ which has taken Reddit by storm. It involves massaging oil into your skin, applying a clay mask, and then massaging your face again with oil.

    By applying pressure when massaging, the ‘grits’ come out, which those who practice the method say are blackheads and gunk. Seriously, have a look at the thread, there is picture evidence (maybe not before breakfast though).

    Naturally, ‘skin gritting’, which is not dissimilar to the ‘oil cleansing method’ (which is just massaging oil into your faces for ages until blackheads come out) has caused quite the reaction.

    There are those that swear by it: ‘OCM can lube up your pores so little plugs of dried skin and oil and dirt and gunk come popping out. It’s really satisfying!’

    Others weren’t too sure, ‘Yeah you don’t want to massage your face too long. That can cause broken capillaries which are impossible to get rid of without surgery.’

    We’ve no doubt ‘skin gritting’ is probably quite satisfying, but as ever, we’d advise removing blackheads in a safer way, such as cleansing and exfoliating and definitely NOT squeezing,

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