#RunwayToReality: Here's How To Get The Charlotte Olympia LFW Hair Look

Retro with a modern spin? The beauty desk are in...

Retro with a modern spin? The beauty desk are in...

When the beauty desk heard that fashion maven Charlotte Olympia had teamed up with Batiste for her debut show at London Fashion Week, we suspected the hair would be a bit special. We weren’t proven wrong - the dos created by Sam McKnight (which were inspired by 1940s science fiction, film noir, and Andy Warhol starlets) managed to be both outré and sexy.

“This is a modern take on classic hair - the curl gives it a retro feel and the backcombing lends it that 70s something.” - Eamonn Hughes, Creative Director of the Sam McKnight team.

To take the look from runway to reality, we followed Eamon’s recommended steps to achieving the style, but softened it slightly by loosening the curls with a brush and blending the fringe into the body of the hair. The finish instantly put us in a party mood. Now, where’s our sequinned clutch?

(Image credit: 063021000509)

Get The Look in Five Steps:

1) Prep hair with a heat protective spray like Batiste Shield My Locks Heat and Shine Spray, which can go on either damp or dry hair.

2) Take a curling wand (we used Cloud Nine The Wand) and pull a front section forward around the barrel, concentrating the heat on the base. Release and pin off to the side of your face.

3) Take a section of hair and start curling with the wand, ideally keeping the direction of the curl all going in the same direction away from the face. Try to lay the hair flat on the barrel so the curl falls neatly.

4) Release the fringe and spray a texturizing spray (try Batiste Texturizing Spray) all through the hair, making sure you spray underneath, too.

5) Comb the hair out to soften and merge the curls. You can be quite vigorous - the curl once set won’t fall out! Once combed, hold the ends and backcomb slightly to get the volume at the ends.

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