EXCLUSIVE: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Talks Her First Ever Cosmetics Line, Fitness And Her Most Embarassing Beauty Moment Ever...

As Rosie launches her first ever Rosie for Autograph Cosmetics line, we catch up with the model/actress to find out her personal beauty routine (hint: it's not as difficult as it looks)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
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As Rosie launches her first ever Rosie for Autograph Cosmetics line, we catch up with the model/actress to find out her personal beauty routine (hint: it's not as difficult as it looks)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is having a busy 2016. With an engagement, an Oscar-nominated film and now her first EVER cosmetics line: Rosie for Autograph Cosmetics, Rosie looks ready to take on the new year.

Working for a year to create her make-up line, the British supermodel used her experience with make-up artists and career as a model to make a 51-piece collection bearing the signature Rosie for Autograph logo. Now available online and at Marks And Spencer nationwide, we decided to catch up with the star to find out her daily beauty routine and how she always looks red carpet ready.

This is what she had to say...

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(L-R) Eyeshadow Quad (£18), Amazing Radiance Cream (£18), Dream Big Lashes (£15), Cream Blush (£14), Lipstick (£14), Startruck Contour (£15)

What made you want to get into cosmetics?

'First and foremost, I love make-up. I think it was the natural next progression on from the M&S lingerie line, the sleepwear line... I went into fragrance, the second fragrance we launched just a couple months ago, and cosmetics just felt like the next step in this Rosie for Autograph world.'

What's your relationship to make-up?

'I think for me my philosophy with make-up was always been about enhancing not hiding. Not caking the face with make-up, letting it breathe and enhancing your natural beautiful features.'

What's your favourite product in your line?

'My favourite product is the radiance creams, the eyeshadow quads, I love them all, but my favourite lipstick is called Lady Rose, and and it was inspired by my natural lip colour.'

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Lipstick (£14)

What's your favourite tip from make-up artists?

'One of my favourite tips is defining the bone structure, where to apply contour and highlight. You know, one of my favourite highlighter tricks is once I’ve filled in the eyebrows I’ll take the Starstruck Highlighter (£15) run it all the way underneath my eyebrow and gently blend it with my finger so it looks natural. And it just defines your natural arch so beautifully and opens up your eyes.'

What’s your first memory with make-up?

'My parents were quite strict about letting me wear it other than on the weekends. My first memory of it was, of course, playing with my mum’s makeup, watching her apply it before she went out in the evening.

The first make-up I ever bought was a frosty pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow [laughs]'

Have you ever fallen asleep with your make-up on?

'It doesn’t matter how late I get in. It’s a big no-no. It just feels so disgusting, it’s not nice to wake up with that, there’s a few times when I wake up and feel not pretty.

I will always spend money on skincare because it’s the canvas for everything. My best tip is to get the best products you can afford.'

What's your daily beauty routine?

'My water intake is really important throughout the day. I try and drink a litre of water and the faster you can drink is just so good, because it just gets all the bowels moving.

So I just glug it back in a couple of minutes and that just gets everything moving the way its supposed to in the morning.'

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What's your fitness routine?

'At the moment I’m doing a fitness routine called Body By Simone, which is based in LA. It's not available over here unfortunately, I’m begging her to bring it over here. It’s a high energy workout very similar to Tracy Anderson, that uses your own body weight and is an intense course of cardio.' Do you listen to certain types of music when you work out?

'It depends. All the instructors have different music but my favourite one is Iggy Azalea's Fancy and I like to work out to Calvin Harris, Drake and anything 80s music. It makes me feel like Jane Fonda.

And then what else? I try to incorporate yoga and pilates when I am travelling, certainly in the UK because of jetlag, I find a more restorative workout is better and the meditation has a lot of benefits as well.'

Do you exercise everyday?

'No. I exercise four to five times a week, not everyday and there are certain weeks that go by that I don’t get to go to the gym, but I try to go four to five times a week.'

Do you have any beauty disasters that you regret?

'I had overplucked eyebrows when I was 16, and I remember I got signed with my modeling agency and the agency said that we’re going to sign you but you have to grow your eyebrows back before you can go to any castings [laughs]. So it was about 2 months before I was allowed to see anyone.

I had braces at 17 which is a little older than most people, which were not so cute and I had a real appetite for spinach wraps. So I would end up with green wrap all over my braces. Not so hot.'

Source: Instagram.com/RosieHW

So only when you were a kid?

'Well, to be fair I’m working with some incredible experts. I’ve learnt so much over my career and I’ve learnt really what works for me when it comes to beauty. I’ve been really able to spend some time to see what works for my skin care.

My facialist Shani Darden has a product called Resurface that you can get here, Dr. Lancer’s scrub, I love as well and that’s available in Harrods, and just finding those products that really work for me.

But no, I wouldn’t say there’s been any major beauty disasters over the last few years, but you know I don’t follow too many trends, I stick to what works for me and I had the time to learn it. If I hadn’t learnt something over the last few years, there would be something wrong with me.'

Rosie's 5-Step Guide To Achieving Her Natural Glow...

1. Rosie starts by applying the Amazing Radiance Cream underneath her foundation to 'give that perfect base. It smoothes any kind of fine lines or pores and gives you that really beautiful glow.'

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Amazing Radiance Cream (£18)

2. Use a highlighter stick to highlight underneath your eyebrows and the cupids bow of your lip, 'It adds that kind of sparkle and dewy beautiful sheen.'

3. Then comes the contouring... 'The contouring stick is a really natural way, really blendable way of sculpting the bone structures, using it on my cheekbones... Down the sides of my nose, down the neck. It can give a really sculpted chiseled look in a really natural way.'

4. Next, add blush. 'I’m a big cream blush fan. I love the dewyness that it has over a powder blush. I tend to apply a powder bronzer and then to just give you that kind of natural flushed dewy glow, I like to use a cream blusher.'

5. Finally, the finishing powder. 'When you're finished, I put the powder down my T-zone, any areas that you want to keep matte. For me, that's my forehead, down my nose, and under the chin. The area underneath my eyes is a really important area, I like to keep it really dewy, shiny and pretty.'

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