Good News: There’s Now A Scientifically Approved Hangover Cure…

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  • Just in time for the weekend.

    Just in time for the weekend, science has gifted us its official answer to one of the medical world’s greatest questions – What’s the best cure for a hellish hangover?

    We’ve tried guzzling gallons of water before bed, lining our stomachs before drinking (and after) with pizza, and have perfected our hair-of-the-dog approach like pros.

    But the answer, in fact, is pear juice.

    So which very generous scientific body volunteered to get absolutely hammered, all in the name of research? The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CISRO) ran the study in Australia and found that participants who consumed 220ml of Asian pear juice before drinking alcohol had the least hangover symptoms the next day.

    Of all the glorious aftermath (the vomiting, the headaches, the inability to even stand) they found that the pear juice’s greatest accomplishment was in improving participants’ ability to concentrate.

    Manny Noakes, lead researcher on the study has suggested that the cure is in the pear’s enzymes, which speed up alcohol metabolism and preventing absorption. Pear juice also contains anti-inflammatory effects which will lessen the pain of a splitting headache, plus antioxidants and tons of vitamins to help re-build us from our sorry states.

    So now we know. Happy Friday everyone!

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