Nexxus: the new-to-the-UK hair brand you need to know about.

Hair, meet Nexxus. The latest import from the US is set to change our hair for the better.

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Hair, meet Nexxus. The latest import from the US is set to change our hair for the better.

If you didn’t manage to get down to Selfridges in London for the pop-up Nexxus salon and witness the brand first hand you can now get your transformative fix straight off the shelf. Lucky you, right?

If you regularly drop in on the US then you’re probably already familiar with Nexxus, it’s a pretty big deal there. But this is the first time we’re able to get hold it on our shores.

Having launched back in 1979 it’s fair to say that Nexxus have been in the game of hair restoration for a while now. Jheri Redding, the brands founder, was responsible for developing the modern day conditioner and very much believed that the key to healthy hair could be found in protein. More than 30 years later countless studies have shown him to have been right which is why the entire line of products is built around the stuff.

According to Nexxus, our hair is on its best form when it is made up of around 90 per cent protein. For the time being there is a larger product offering in the US, but the new range available here uses concentrated 100 per cent elastin protein. Regular use of the good stuff makes hair more resilient and resistant to damage. The joy.

There’s obviously a cache of shampoos, conditioners and masques to choose from depending on your hair type, but the real star of the show – in our eyes at least – is the Nexxus Nutritive Encapsulate Sérum, £35.

As well as the aforementioned pure elastin wonder ingredient it also contains a conditioning oil. Its texture is a mystery, a generous application of around eight pumps is enough to sink into the hair where it can work its magic but it leaves no residue on the hair’s surface – ideal for women like me who like their hair to feel silky rather than heavy with product. It’s not a styling product, it’s a treatment, and it’s pretty fab.

Of course, if you’re in New York you can swing by the swanky new salon in Tribeca and even have a whirl on the interactive mirror that will prescribe your products, otherwise you can pick up the range in Selfridges now and nationwide from June.

Happy hair days are here to stay. 

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