Facebook banned this advert but reversed their decision after customers declare it realistic and relatable

Introducing the brand changing how we view periods, for the better.

Australian label Modibodi’s empowering, brand new, campaign 'The Way To Period.’ Features real women and real blood to normalise the outdated stigma around the menstrual cycle

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The UK’s number one selling leak-proof underwear brand for periods (and pelvic floors). Modibodi is designed to provide freedom to the wearer as well as a safer, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the historically eco-damaging feminine products available.

Research conducted by the brand ahead of the campaign discovered that one in three young girls are afraid to talk about periods. With the pioneering brand on a mission to breakdown taboos. Replacing any fear and shame with understanding and help to empower everyone to embrace their bodies.

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Founder and CEO of Modibodi, Kristy Chong, shared “advertising for personal hygiene has come a long way in the seven years since we started Modibodi. Yet, brands still feel the need to gloss over the very natural process of having your period.

Showcasing the real side of menstruation the campaign champions raw confidence. Celebrates individual freedom whilst also embracing diversity and encouraging women to step towards a more sustainable future. We hope this film opens the viewer's mind to a new, positive period experience.” Shot and directed by Sydney-based award-winning director Dani Pearce. 'The Way To Period’ follows the journey of multiple women, with a one minute script sharing their journeys and experiences as they embrace the new way to period. 

With the video narrator opening with, 'when it comes to our period, we've always been made to feel a certain way. We've been made to feel gross.' A bed sheet comes into focus hanging out of a washing machine with a familiar circular red blood stain.

Another shot shows a bin overflowing with blood-stained tissues. With another showing a woman washing and cleaning her ModiBodi underwear in the shower exemplifying the freedom the product provides.

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Emotive Creative Director, Jardin Anderson, further acknowledged the need to normalise periods. Emphasising that: “for too long we’ve been told how we should feel about our periods.” 

“It’s been a pleasure to help herald in ‘the new way to period.’ With a brand bold enough to lean into the beauty of normality and eschew all the hyperbole so often seen in this category. Showing the real side of menstruation.”

Modibodi hope the advertisement will make a change and 'navigate a new direction' regarding how periods are perceived and discussed.

Thousands of viewers and women across social media are already sharing positive feedback and comments. With women championing the advert as, ‘finally a realistic period ad I can relate to’ and ‘yes, this is completely normal.Modibodi are certainly on their way to redefining what menstruation means.

Sarah-Rose Harrison

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