Meet the five year-old hair prodigy who’s hypnotising the internet

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  • She's definitely better at braids than you are

    What did you do with your hair this morning? Ran a brush through it? Curated a messy bun? Whatever it was, it was probably a whole lot less impressive than the work of this five year-old hairdressing prodigy Magnolia, who’s hair skills have sent her styling videos viral.

    Magnolia’s mum realised her daughter was a bit of a pro after watching her play with her hair dummies, and decided to film the pint-sized stylist to show the world how talented she was. 


    The budding hairdresser has only just turned five, but her braiding skills have put our pitiful attempt at plaits to shame. 

    The videos have gone viral across Facebook and Twitter, racking up over 100 thousand views, and anyone who’s ever babysat for a five year old and let them get creative

    with their hair and make-up will know that this level of skill is

    anything but normal in a child of Magnolia’s age.
    If it makes you feel any better, her mum is a professional hairdresser, so she’s clearly picked up a few tips. Or maybe it’s just genetic…

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