Here’s why Kim Kardashian gets her facials at 10PM

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    We think it’s fair to say that if you’re a Kardashian, you probably have any beauty treatment at your disposal any time, any where.

    Case in point: Kim recently revealed that she regularly gets her facials at the fairly unusual time of 10PM. But rather than being down to an interesting beauty benefit we’re not aware of, there’s a more obvious reason why KKW gets her aesthetic treatments so late at night.

    In a recent interview, the 37-year-old opened up about practising self care whenever is convenient – and when you’re a mum to three children under the age of five, that time is when your children are in bed.

    ‘My schedule is really intense, but I feel like it’s still a priority to me to pamper myself and take care of myself for my own sanity,’ she told Glamour. And that care is defined as: ‘Anything that helps your soul be more calm if you live in a house of chaos.’

    As her facialist, Melissa Haloossim of Skin Thesis, is also a mother, the two meet up after hours for Kim’s treatments because it’s easier for the both of them.

    ‘[She’ll say] “OK, why don’t we both put our kids to bed, and then meet up later”,’ Kim explained. Much easier!

    The star, who is no stranger to a bit of Instagram controversy, made headlines recently after releasing a ‘list’ of her haters ahead of Valentine’s Day in a pretty innovative way.

    We have to say, 10PM facials do sound a hell of a lot easier than arranging for someone to look after your kids during the day, just so you can go to the spa.

    Ah, to be a Kardashian…

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