Caviar and snow algae: Is this the craziest beauty product yet?

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  • Whatever next, Aldi?

    Not only has this news just blown our minds with the mere concept of snow algae, it’s doubly stunned us with the revelation that we’re supposed to put it on our face. Our FACE? Hey Aldi, you crazy!

    So, what’s the deal here? According to Aldi, their new luxury anti-ageing skincare range is a ‘first time ever’ affair. The range, titled ‘Lacura Caviar Illumination’, hits shelves from October 4th and they’re pretty excited about it.

    Products include a day cream, night cream, 3 minute cell renewal peel mask, 7 day intensive treatment and a gift set. What’s really got us all talking, however, is the price: Each product will give you change from a tenner and even the gift set is a steal at £12.99.

    But just what is snow algae? And do we want to slap it on our pores? According to our internet research, snow algae – otherwise referred to as ‘watermelon snow’ – is a species of green algae that clings to alpine and coastal polar regions in the summer. Sounds great for the mountainous terrain of the Sierra Nevada, but as for our actual faces…

    According to Aldi: ‘The intensive treatment has proven to increase skin hydration by up to 68% and the day cream increases hydration by up to 58% just 4 hours after use.’

    We’re curious to give it a try. Question is: Are you?

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