How to launch a celebrity fragrance

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  • Having your own fragrance isn’t as simple as it sounds and it’s not always the obvious celebs that sell the most bottles. Any A-list thinking of launching their own scents should take note.

    The more a celeb has had to do with the project, the better. Gaga came up with the whole concept of her debut fragrance, Fame, in particular the original concept of the black liquid. Mind you, you’re right to be overruled sometimes, (her first idea was to have the formula as a mix of blood and semen. Blargh!)

    Nicki Minaj is set to launch her first fragrance and the bottle design couldn’t be more her. “When my Barbz think about my signature style, the pink wig always comes to mind. So, having the bottle adorned by a pink wig was always my ideal vision for the bottle.” What better way to remind fans who the fragrance belongs to than encasing it in your own head?

    Taylor Swift smashed it when she launched her Wonderstruck fragrance, giving fans a real insight into her life. ‘We got the inspiration from my apartment. I took the creators there so they could get a feel for the different textures and what I like. I showed all these old antique bottles that I have and I love to collect ornate birdcages. My lucky number is 13 so it was important to me to have this on my first ever fragrance. The outer packing was inspired by different fabrics I’ve collected whilst touring around the world’.

    Sorry guys but if Jennifer Aniston can’t make it work, no one can. Her debut fragrance named simply, Jennifer Aniston, caused a media frenzy upon launch and then promptly sizzled out. Apparently playing different characters stops your true personality from coming through and fans don’t know what they’re buying into. Who knew?

    Which celebrity has launched the most fragrances? Why Antonio Banderas of course! Number one in South America, the sexy Spaniard has launched a whopping 34 fragrances over the past fifteen years – and you thought he was just the voice of a cat in fancy boots!

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